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Trendy Lighting Solutions

Written by: Stacey Heugh   Images: Illumina Lighting 

 Lamps to Get the Year Started

The festive season shopping is done, school is almost here, you have already shopped for new clothes, books, and school stationery but have you considered task lighting for your child’s study area or even your own work or home office?  Task lighting is most often introduced in the form of desk, table or floor lamps, so take the opportunity to brighten your areas, boost creativity and add a touch of style to your rooms with Illumina.

What is Task Lighting?

Task lighting is brighter and direct light that is cast down to better see work surfaces like kitchen counters, bedside tables, work benches and desks. Good task lighting eliminates troublesome glare or shadows, making it a critical part of increased productivity to perform tasks like studying or reading more effectively. Our eyes need stronger and higher quality light to function efficiently as we age. Standard daylight is often not enough, especially when there is no direct sunlight on your workspace.  Task lighting, therefore, decreases eye strain and allows you to focus actively for longer periods of time.

Trendy Lighting Solutions

After a long holiday, kids don’t usually want to sit down at a desk and study, so dressing up their study area could help entice them to it. Just lacking the motivation to get the year started? Spoil yourself with a beautiful and practical lamp to inspire a healthy and bright start to the year.

Here are a few of our functional and trendy, task lighting solutions to help you work and study in style.

Illumina Lighting - Lamps to get the year started

1. London Lamp
A harmony of contemporary elegance and classic design makes the London Lamp a timeless piece for your home. Made from chrome for exceptional durability and contemporary style. Metal shade diffuses a gentler ambient light in your room. Chrome finish exudes classicism in your colour palette. Perfect for adorning a side or console table in your living area, bedroom or study.

2. Aristotle Student Desk Lamp
Partner simplicity with practicality in the adjustable design of the Aristotle Desk Lamp in either black or white. Made from metal and plastic for durability and lasting good looks. Adjustable stand and shade to customise the angle of the lamp to suit your needs. Perfect for lighting your office desk, bedside table, or living room for practical illumination.

3. Mantis Desk Lamp
Exude vintage character in your space with the industrial accents of the brassy Mantis Desk Lamp.  Made from metal for durability and finished in a brass colour for lasting good looks.  Adjustable arm to customise the angle of the light to suit your needs.  Shade with white interior reflects bolder light out over your space.

4. TK Nordic Table Lamp
Update your style instantly with the TK Nordic Table Lamp. Metal shade with a domed shape to project direct light.  Pure white contrast the metal wood finish of the timber-look for a sweet and soft look in your decor.  Perfect for exuding contemporary style while illuminating your space with practicality. Great for living rooms, home offices, or bedside tables.

5. Plato Clip On Desk Lamp
Plato Clip On Student Desk Lamp makes for easy use and the adjustable gooseneck allows to direct light anywhere you want. Perfect for students and office use. Available in black or white.

6. Benton Table Lamp
Reveal a modernist edge in your home with the minimal form of the Benton Table Lamp. Made from metal and cement for durability and strength. Cement base handcrafted for a robust, textured design with refined-rustic appeal - Imperfections might occur. The copper colour of the metal shade contrasts with the wood and white cement base for a uniquely modern palette. Perfect for adorning a desk in your study, or even a side table. Paired perfectly with Benton Floor Lamp for an ideal reading nook. 

7. Wooden Giraffe Table Lamp
Add some fun to your space with the Wooden Giraffe Table Lamp in black or white. Made from 18mm Birch Plywood and metal for durability and lasting good looks. Black Metal Shade to Diffuse the light for a more ambient look and In-line switch with simple on-off functionality for practical illumination on the Black Fabric Cord. Lights up your quirky home office or living room, or your kids' play space or bedroom with animal playfulness.

8. Alfred Chrome Desk Lamp
Suggest an industrial-inspired look for your space with the chrome finish on the Alfred Desk Lamp. Metal for strength and durability with chrome plating for lasting good looks. Adjustable arm to angle the light to suit your needs. Minimalist design with a nickel-plated finish for sleek, contemporary styling. Brings practical illumination to your living space or home office.

9. Arco Lamp
Warm your home with the chic metallic of the Arco Lamp. Crafted from metal and marble for lasting strength and stability. Metal shade in a delicately curved shape and white interior finish diffuses a gentler light for an ambient atmosphere. The sweeping curve of the stand gives a contemporary touch to the design. Perfect for adorning your side table or desk in your bedroom, study, or living area.

10. Orion Desk Lamp
Add playful fun with the Orion Plastic Desk Lamp. Made from Plastic for durability and resilience. Coloured Shade diffuses the light from within for a softer glow. On/Off switch on the cord for easy functionality. Colour gives a pop of retro style to your colour palette, complementing warmer aesthetics and classic neutrals. Perfect for kids’ bedrooms, play rooms or home office.

11. Gold Dipped Studio Lamp
Capture modern edge with the lustrous looks of the Gold Dipped Studio Desk Lamp, available in mint, light pink and white. Made from metal for durability and metallic accents for lasting good looks. Cone shade to project light over your space. Gold tones with a simple shade that complements bright and basic colour palettes for versatility. Works with modern, minimalist, and industrial styles in your home. Brings practical illumination and modern style to your living room, home office, or bedroom.

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