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Illuminate your Bathroom after Dark

Over and above the fact that lighting creates almost any ambiance of your choice, it naturally serves a function. In optimizing your home’s lighting, keep in mind the purpose the light will be serving in the specific room. The three lighting variants you can contemplate are conventional lighting, functional lighting, and accentuation lighting.

Illuminate your Bathroom after Dark

Conventual Lighting refers to the overall illumination of the room and the rooms’ natural light. More often than not, it is characterized by a centrally-surfaced mounted ceiling light. We suggest shaking it up with something exciting such as a chandelier, pendant or track lighting.


Consider Illumina’s Ivory White and Vintage Barn pendants. They brighten the entire bathroom and will save you the time of struggling with conventional lighting fixtures.


Functional lighting lights up specific areas. Good examples include mirrors which are never fully illuminated. Avoid single lights directly over the mirror as shadows will be cast over unwanted areas, which will complicate grooming regimes.


Mount multiple fixtures above or on either side of mirrors to reflect the lumens throughout the bathroom or align the light reach with your face. Accentuation Lighting highlights an area which you choose to place emphasis on i.e. a painting or sculpture or even bathroom shelves which may hold items of your choice. Accentuation creates an enlightening impact.

Create a dramatic ambiance of contemporary design with accentuation lighting and incorporate LED bulbs with mirrors to get more lumens.

A good lighting plan is a series of layers rather than an ordinary single-mounted ceiling light. Are you happy with ordinary?

Until next week. - Abigail

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