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The Experts' Tips on Kitchen Lighting

Change is constant and interior is changing. If the stylist in you prefers to stay trending, have a look at some ideas, latest trends and of course some techniques to get the look of your choice.

The Experts' Tips on Kitchen Lighting

Kitchens for cooking are a thing of the past. The twenty-first century has evolved the known-as-idea of a kitchen to be the hub of the home. A place where family and friends gather when entertaining and for this reason it’s important that one’s kitchen be functional and provide a comfortable atmosphere. But creating an atmosphere will be nearly impossible without the perfect lighting to compliment the area in an ambient way.  


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Being a well-experienced, leading supplier, we thought we’d share out expert advice on the best ways to choose lighting for your home. Below are some ubiquitous tips, trends and tricks to guide your lighting selection.


The human eye is light sensitive; therefore, it is important to steer clear of anything overly bright. It is useful to consider wall lights/shelf lights/feature lights and of course dimmable lighting.

Your lighting should be multi-functional to, for example, disguise architectural sins/compensate for poor lighting and make one’s kitchen appear larger. To ensure that you have best possible outcome, do consult Illumina as we have vast knowledge on fittings, fixtures, colour and combination.

Remember that low ceilings call for the less is more principle, as over-lighting may seem cluttered and light reflection becomes a factor as objects, wall art and the floor will all be closer.

Consider the colour temperature to create the ambience of your preference. When planning the placement of your lights, keep the words function lighting in mind. It tells us that lights should be placed to ease tasks like chopping veggies and cooking. Ideal placing of lights is between the work surface and one’s head.


Revolutionise the way your kitchen looks with a trilogy. Omne trium perfectum tells us that everything that come in pairs of three are complete or perfect and the same applies to lighting. A trio of complimentary pieces will bring to a life a kitchen for home, rather than a house. Create the ambience of your choice by utilising the omne trium perfectum principle.


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Choose a chandelier that screams WOW and utilise the amazing styles out there. A statement piece speaks in volumes and adds your personal touch to your kitchen. Combine it with recessed down-lights for a classic, clean feel to your kitchen.

Cohesive illuminating finishes add that seamless look to your kitchen. There are various styles to select from such as modern, contemporary, industrial, Nordic and of course retro lighting whether you’re going for a warm, cosy feel or a clean, white look.


Grey is the new white. Designers are suggesting that the classic white look is history. Incorporate grey in your kitchen to ensure you are up to date with the latest interior trends.

As mentioned, the “hospital look” is out of season and designers are all about the warm kitchen look. Go for industrial pendants and bold, brass/bronze finishes to ensure your kitchen is trending. These colours should provide a warm, cosy feeling and give the kitchen some depth.


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Keep tabs on us to get the latest trends, tips and many more to illuminate your environment!

- The Illumina Team

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