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Light Up the Holidays

Edited by: Stacey Heugh   Images: Illumina Lighting 

Light Up the Holidays

If you are getting your home ready for company this festive season, the easiest way to update and elevate your space is with a new, eye-catching light fixture. Consider all the areas in your home that guests will use and spend time together because the lighting feature will be sure to impress and create the ideal, festive mood.

Everything looks better with the right chandelier or pendant light, so here are a few tips for choosing the ideal light fixture.


 Illumina Sawyer 3 Light Chandelier Illumina Kenzie Industrial Chandelier

A showpiece of decorative sentiment and material beauty, the chandelier is the crown-jewel of the room’s lighting array. Sizing is essential when choosing a lighting centrepiece.  Too small and your attempt to grandly express your style will be lost among other elements.  Remember that dense shapes will seem smaller, while open, airy designs appear larger than they are.  Although an oversized fixture is also undesirable, care should be taken to ensure the piece does not obtrude. Chandeliers are statement-makers, so it is better to verge on the side of substantial over diminutive.

Guidelines for proper sizing:

  • Above a dining table, the chandelier should be no larger than ¾ the table’s width.
  • Another guideline suggests that the fixture extend no closer than 15cm to the table’s edge.



Illumina Royale Super Dome Pendant  Illumina Stanton Pendant Light 

Perhaps the most versatile of all decorative lighting fixtures, pendants may be as artistic and grand as a chandelier, as understated as a wall-sconce, or as functional as a floor lamp. They may be used to provide task, ambient and accent illumination.  Unlike chandeliers, the more compact profile of pendants allows for greater pairing and clustering possibilities. While a solitary pendant may be used to illuminate floor-stationed art object such as a sculpture or an accent table of prized possessions, a series of pendants may be hung in the kitchen to brighten counter space. A pair of beside pendants provides lighting for reading while keeping limited space open on night tables.

Guidelines for proper sizing:

  • In foyers, pendants should not hang lower than 2.13m from the floor.
  • Add the length and width of the room in meters to determine the suitable diameter/width of the fixture in centimetres.
  • When it comes to kitchen islands, leave approximately 75-80cm from the countertop to the fixture base.
  • In place of portable lamps, hang pendants so the light can be cast from the same height (approximately 1m off the floor).


Holiday Lighting Ideas

Add a little holiday style with some of these contemporary light fixture suggestions.

Holiday Lighting Ideas by Illumina

1. Sawyer 3 Light Chandelier | 2. Facet Industrial Metal Pendant in black or white | 3. Stanton Pendant Light | 4. Curva Pendants in white, pale grey or duck egg | 5. Amalfi Rattan Small Pendant | 6. Royale Super Dome Pendant | 7. Zanzibar White Chandelier | 8. Aero Mint Pendant | 9. Vintage Cage Chandelier | 10. Margo Black Gold Pendant  | 11. Kenzie Industrial Chandelier


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